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Inspired by research into the difference in cost of house prices between London and Yorkshire, my latest blog continues the comparison of prices between North and South, but this time it focuses on “luxury” everyday items. So once you’ve made the move, cleared your mortgage and have more disposable cash than you know what to do with, how much more can you save by moving to Yorkshire?

Here is a quick comparison of everyday prices in Leeds and London. I’m sure if you shopped around you would find these items cheaper (or more expensive) but you get the general idea!

Pint of beer£3.80£5.33
Starting TAXI fare£2.20£3.00
Monthly travel pass£92£204
Three course meal (mid-range restaurant)£50£60
Take out pepperoni pizza£7.40£9
Cappuccino Coffee£2.65£2.70
1 litre petrol£1.24£1.29
Ladies hair cut and finish with senior stylist£50£77
Bottle of Pinot Grigio wine at bar£26£23

All prices accurate at the time of publishing. June 2021.

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