Relocation- the time is NOW!

You know the drill. You get up, you get dressed and you get on the tube to The City where you sit at your desk all day, attending a few meetings in between, before getting back on the tube to go home, just to do it all again.

Not any more!

Since the country went into lockdown in March 2020, that is no longer a reality for thousands of workers. Instead, people are working from home (WFH) and are able to enjoy the benefits of this; whether it’s being able to put the kids to bed at night, having family breakfasts together, or, like my husband, being able to do “walking meetings” where he goes out for a walk around the stunning countryside near to where we live whilst saving the world (or having one-to-ones with his colleagues). Great for his mental health as well as productivity.

During lockdown, house hunting has become hugely popular as companies, large and small, are starting to realise that employees do not need to be in the office at their desks in order to work; this work can indeed be done from home. In fact, a recent article published by the Yorkshire Post claims that almost one in four adults is looking to relocate over the next two years, with Yorkshire being a top preference, only second to Cornwall (Research by online mortgage broker Trussle).

So why Yorkshire? Perhaps it’s the ever changing scenery you view on the drive from city to coast. Everything from vibrant city life to rolling hillsides and heathered moorlands and arriving at beautiful beaches. Perhaps it’s the value for money. Many looking to relocate are craving extra space (potentially for that luxury home office), bigger gardens, being around fewer people or having access to woodland and countryside for those glorious autumnal walks. Compare what you can buy in London for £1.5 million to what you can buy in Horsforth, one of Leeds most popular suburban areas, for the same price and you may be shocked by the results. Swimming pool anyone? It is not out of reach!

Whatever your reasons for relocating to Yorkshire, it is now more realistic than ever to turn this dream into a reality. For support with your relocation, search Move to Yorkshire on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Kay France is the founder and owner of Move to Yorkshire, a relocation service working with families who want help finding their perfect home in Yorkshire and with businesses who are bringing talent to our glorious county.

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